A secret weapon in our consulting-tool box, BusinessSonar™ is our proprietary data visualization software.

Our experts individualize BusinessSonar™ for you to visualize new and existing data models that are based on your data. Here, all the metrics and business processes that are important for your organization’s decisions can be shown and compared. We use it both as a consulting tool and to give it into your hands to make your daily lives easier.

  • View customers by behavior, region, preferences, products or any other dimension in your database
  • Spot trends and identify key actionable insights
  • Create custom filters and KPI reports for decision-makers
  • Merged data base as think tank
  • Tangible target market scenarios for campaigning
  • Specific customer value model
  • Increase of controlling efficiency
  • Product mix and segmentation strategies
  • Efficient use of resources

BusinessSonar™ is an easy to use visualization tool, changing the way users find growth opportunities

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Through its fact-based business-consulting portfolio, plenum diagnoses the client’s existing commercial model, analyzes its operational structures, and advises on sustainable improvement.


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