Service Portfolio

Well executed fact-based top-line improvement projects can help to gain up to 20%¹ in revenue. Based on data analyses and our proven consulting methodology, we facilitate navigation through mature markets and profit from the highest ranking opportunities.

Through its management consulting portfolio, plenum USA, Inc. assists in re-shaping the sales organization and aligning sales opportunities with market realities, optimizing the product portfolio, improving sales and related processes.

  • plenum USA, Inc. diagnoses the client’s existing commercial model, analyzes existing operational structures, and advises on sales realignment
  • During sales model transformation projects, plenum USA, Inc. helps to re-shape the sales organization to drive growth
  • Sales productivity improvement is priority for companies in mature markets where hard-fact knowledge about competition and customers is essential to provide the appropriate products to the right customer at the precise time with the optimal level of service

¹Based on project experiences

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Driving top-line growth and bottom line profitability.

Service portfolio

Through its fact-based business-consulting portfolio, plenum diagnoses the client’s existing commercial model, analyzes its operational structures, and advises on sustainable improvement.


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