We are specialized in the combined customized application of deep fact-based customer-centric insight into the sales dynamics of companies with proven consulting methodology and the experience of our business consultants for strategic and operational projects.

For your business to succeed, knowledge must be transparent and available on strategic, operational, and transactional levels. We specialize in the customized application of fact-based, customer-centric insights into the business dynamics of companies. We combine a proven consulting methodology with the experience of our management consultants on strategic and operational projects – and we are always implementation-minded and results-driven.

We take our clients’ variety of data, refine and enrich it with select external data, and analyze the aggregate using one algorithm-driven action system. All this has one goal: to define and implement operational, sales, and marketing strategies for higher organic growth rates and lower costs to achieve higher profitability.

Our attendant competencies and processes include:

  • Business intelligence
  • Strategic evaluation
  • Operational improvements
  • Revenue optimization programs
  • Cost efficiency programs
  • M&A and PMI
  • Change management.

Above and Beyond the Call

We use our proprietary analytics software to put our client’s customer data and its value front and center in our analysis. That helps to drive efficient top-line growth while supporting bottom-line profitability.

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Driving top-line growth and bottom line profitability.

Service portfolio

Through its fact-based business-consulting portfolio, plenum diagnoses the client’s existing commercial model, analyzes its operational structures, and advises on sustainable improvement.


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